7th April 2015 – One of Otago’s leading car wrecking and cash for car companies – Pacific Auto Parts – recently celebrated a huge milestone for their business. Their well known and trusted car wrecking company has now been in business for over 10 years now and the team recently celebrated by getting together and brainstorming where they want the business to go in the future.

With a commitment to providing local Otago and Southland residents with a superior car removal and cash for car service, the company have become well known in the area for being the best of the best to go to when needing to sell a vehicle. Hundreds of Otago and Southland residents have now traded in their unwanted vehicles to the Pacific Auto Parts team and got cash in the hand for it.

We recently interviewed the owner and operator of the business about their recent business success. Adam Rahimi had this to say about their accomplishment: “The team and I here at Pacific Auto Parts are ecstatic that we reached the milestone of 10 years in the business! I’ve never been more proud of the entire team here and am looking forward to another 10 years in business helping local Otago residents get rid of their car promptly and for a great cash price.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our clients throughout Otago who we’ve dealt with over the past 10 years – we couldn’t have got to where we are without their help! We want to continue to provide our second to none cash for car and car removal service and we encourage all new clients who are looking to sell their vehicles to give our team a call. Our experience and years in the industry speaks for itself!”

We spoke to one of Pacific Auto Part’s clients – Natasha of Dunedin – who recently sold her car to the team. She was quoted saying: “I didn’t think my van – that had been sitting unused in my backyard for over a year now – would be worth anything to anyone. I wanted to get rid of it before I had new tenants move in, so I called the Pacific Auto Parts team. I was surprised to not only find that they’d pay me cash for it, but they’d remove it from my house for free! This immediately took the hassle and stress away from me and I was able to leave it up to their team of experts to come and remove my vehicle. It was so easy and I was more than happy with the service they gave to me.”

More on Pacific Auto Parts: For a number of years now, the car wreckers at Pacific Auto Parts have been providing Otago and Southland residents with a professional and reliable cash for car and car removal service. Paying up to $9,000 cash for all types of vehicles, their team of friendly car wreckers makes it easy to get rid of an unwanted car, ute, van or truck. Find out more about their Otago car wreckers by visiting their website at www.otagocarremoval.co.nz. You can contact the team by calling 03 488 3201, emailing [email protected] or visiting them at 8 Eclipse Rd Burnside, Dunedin.

Pacific Auto Parts Ltd
[email protected]
8 Eclipse Rd Burnside, Dunedin, New Zealand 9018    
03 488 3201