Weinstein Retrofitting is currently rated as the number one earthquake retrofitting company in Southern California. The construction company has been around for 35 years securing homes from extensive damage. According to reports, majority of damaged houses is due to absences of earthquake proof. In order to prevent houses from collapsing during such natural calamities, experts recommend house owners to get their homes retrofitted. This means there will be less structural damage compared to those unprotected houses.

Weinstein Construction Corporation is reported to have fixed more than 7,000 homes after the Northridge Earthquake, which occurred in 1994. It follows the guidelines of Lost Angeles Department of Building and Safety and is chosen by the FEMA as the leading company for providing earthquake retrofitting services and grants for residents of LA. The construction company pointed out that there are still thousands of houses that needs retrofitting in Southern California.

A home is a big investment so owners should take care in strengthening it to withstand earthquakes. Although there are insurance companies that can help in repairing, one cannot fully bring back ever thing that is lost. The best way to protect a home is by taking the help of experts like Weinstein Retrofitting Systems. The privately owned family company has a team of professional quake proofers who will carefully inspect clients home and provide detailed information on the present foundation and what is needed to sustain earthquakes. Till now, the company has given free inspection to 65,000 homes.

Apart from earthquake retrofitting, the construction also offer other services such as house bolting, floor leveling, drainage systems, foundation repair, crawl space protection, and commercial retrofitting. With its efficient customer service and reasonable price rates, the company has scored the hearts its customers. Interested customers can call the company and schedule for a free home inspection. For more information please go to http://www.kudzu.com/m/Weinstein-Retrofitting-Systems-30565163



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