Today, the market is laden with a huge number of workout programs and diet plans. Amongst these, many people might have heard about or used the 21 day Fix, a home workout program designed by Autumn Calabrese. As per the claims made by this innovative fitness regime, anyone can lose up to 15 pounds in just less than 21 days of trial. Not only that, this program also teaches people how to eat healthier and how daily exercise can bring about great health benefits. Though this program is intended for beginners, anyone who is struggling to maintain a good diet can use try it.

According to some sources, this workout program can help gain a slim body through simple fitness and eating routine. The creator of 21 day Fix, Autumn Calabrese has tried her best to make this program as simple as possible. The program consists of new and unusual workout moves including some interesting twists to classic moves. Normally, every move has a modifier so that the followers can start off easier and slowly progress through the routine. It is important to closely watch the demonstration and instructions shown by her to avoid confusion or getting lost halfway.

Included in the 21 day Fix package are tutorials of the seven workouts namely the Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates fix, Cardio Fix, and Yoga Fix.  Each of these exercise are for duration of 30 minutes. The package also comes with the Portion Control System, which is a series of some awesome color coded containers. Every container implies a specific food group that the person is advised to consume. Besides, there is also a 21 day Fix eating plan, and a 3 day Quick Fix.

Overall, many users of the 21 day Fix program has claimed to experience positive results. It is all about eating healthy while facilitating a good lean shape to the body. For more details go to

About is an online review site about the 21 day Fix workout and diet program created by Autumn Calabrese. The site provides detailed explanations of the benefits of utilizing this innovative and simple to follow program.   


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