A set of structural drawings used by fabricators, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers and suppliers is called a shop drawing. It is a detailed two-dimensional drawing of structures like trusses, elevators, structural steel, windows, pre-cast, cabinets and more. Shop drawings are one of the most important aspects of a construction but they are not produced by architects or engineers. Outsourcing steel detailing offers expert cadd shop drawing services to a variety of clients around the world.

Computer aided design and drafting has been widely employed for shop drawing services. Over the years, CADD shop drawings have become a standard, used by many of the engineers and architects who are involved in the construction of steel structures.

Shop drawings come with a lot of inherent information which explain the fabrication or installation of various components to the contractor. Quite naturally, thus, they need to be highly accurate and clear.

Part of the reason why most companies prefer outsourcing shop drawing services to professional crew is this need for accuracy. The trend of outsourcing CADD drawings to various companies around the globe has risen over the last few years. It has indeed led to a lot of benefits for the companies that outsource the work.

Some of the services that form a part of shop drawing services are:

- steel shop drawings
- concrete shop drawings
- steel components
- elevators
- preparation of construction documents
- drafting windows
- cabinets and air-handling units

CADD Shop drawings are hugely beneficial to engineers and constructors who require a streamlined approach to building the components of a construction. While drafting and 3D designs provide a good overview of the structures, only the 2D CADD shop drawings can provide accurate detail which the contractors work with.

Technology has helped in rapid shop drawings through computer-aided drafting. Leading software like AutoCAD have been used extensively in producing some really good shop drawings that make it easy for the engineers as well for those involved in the construction.

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