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The QUELL is possibly their lowest cost pain relief device when compared to similar pain relief devices and machines when comparing it's power and fast timing to relieve pain.
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Relieve chronic pain within just minutes.

New Lenox, IL, 1/13/2016 — "Finally. There is a new health device on the market that we sell. It is called the QUELL Pain Relief Device. It can relieve chronic pain in 15 minutes or less. It doesn't matter weather you are awake or a sleep." Said, James Matte, the CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC.

The QUELL Pain Relief Device outsmarts the pain.

Quell’s patented, 100% drug free OptiTherapyâ„¢ technology automatically adjusts stimulation intensity to ensure you receive optimal pain relief. It even senses when you are sleeping and adjusts to a gentler mode.

Quell is more than just innovative technology. Every aspect of the product is designed for wearability and comfort. Quell’s slim, lightweight design ensures that it is as discreet as it is powerful.

"The Quell Pain Relief Device includes Innovative technology. Not to be confused with a sports band or brace, Quell packs a powerful punch of advanced neurotechnology.
The QUELL Accelerometer uses your activity levels to automatically transition between therapy levels and meet your body’s needs.
Bluetooth® technology connects to a smart phone app to control features and track your therapy and sleep quality trends.
Rechargeable battery typically provides 30 hours of pain relief on a single charge.
When you suffer from chronic pain, it can interfere with your daily activities, impact your mood or prevent you from sleeping soundly.
Quell relieves chronic pain
Quell is 100% drug free technology for managing chronic pain. Quell is designed for people with back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain and leg and foot pain. Quell is doctor recommended. The QUELL at one time required a doctors prescription because of it's amazing power. However, a prescription is no longer required to purchase a QUELL Pain Relief Device.

Good sleep is good health. Chronic pain can prevent you from both falling asleep and staying asleep. Getting good sleep helps you become more active and is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing. Ongoing lack of sleep can also amplify your pain. The inter-relationship between the lack of sleep and chronic pain is a vicious cycle that has significant impact on your quality of life. Quell can help break this cycle. It can help control your pain at bedtime while you fall asleep and throughout the night.
The QUELL Automatically initiates therapy every other hour throughout the night.
Controls stimulation to make sure sleep is not disturbed.
Tracks and logs the amount and quality of your sleep.
Staying active means staying healthy.

Chronic pain makes it difficult to get up and go. When your sleep is compromised it is nearly impossible to keep your energy and activity level up. That is why Quell is designed to provide flexible, convenient control over your pain when and where you need it. So nothing can prevent you from maintaining the lifestyle you desire and the activity your body needs to stay healthy.
Quell can help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, and may be right for you. Get relief for your chronic pain on your terms.

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