Paul Tarins with Charles Rutenburg Realty, Orlando, Florida has announced an innovative new online tool to help homeowners with difficult decisions regarding selling their home in the current housing market. For many people, buying or selling a home is the most burdening financial decision they will make in their lifetime. “Millions of American’s hold a firm belief that their home is an investment,” said Paul Tarins, “but those investments haven’t had positive returns in the past few years.” With the perspective that your home is an investment, the website provides homeowners with clear statistics on when their home might become an investment again based on three different market scenarios. It is tailored to each person’s unique situation and easy to use. “We’ve simplified this decision calculator to show you the financial facts about your specific situation,” noted Paul Tarins.

The short sale orlando decision calculator gives valuable information regarding the current value of your home and when you can expect your home to be an asset again given a variety of market scenarios. “We know short selling a home can be a difficult decision,” continued Paul Tarins “Hopefully, this short sale decision calculator can help families make the decision that is right for them.” The short sale decision calculator is free to use and available to all homeowners in Orlando – Tampa and all of Central Florida .

You can find Paul Tarins – Charles Rutenburg Realty short sale decision calculator at

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