Orlando, FL, March 30, 2013 – Since the foundation of her law firm over a decade ago, the leading Orlando Foreclosure Attorney, Michele Diglio-Benkiran has been protecting people from the devastating results that a foreclosure may bring to families. She started her firm Benkiran Law in 2001 and since then she has been trying to offer solutions to families that are facing the threats of foreclosure. The law firm now announces to offer free legal consultancy to all Florida residents in the matters of foreclosure. Anyone can go to their website and can make an online request for a free consultancy session with the renowned Orlando attorneys Michele and her colleague Joel Jackson Frick. Both Michele and Joel have been offering their best legal aid to provide a foreclosure defense to help people save their homes to be foreclosed.

Speaking about their free consultancy, Michele reveals, “People often commit the mistake of opting for a legal aid very late. In some cases, we find that mortgages even exceed the value of the property and then it becomes very difficult to provide an Orlando resident with the suitable foreclosure defense Orlando. Our objective of offering free consultancy is to encourage people to opt for a legal assistance in a timely manner so that we can help protect their homes from foreclosure.”

Many Orlando residents are finding difficult to pay down their debts because of growing cost of living. For many homeowners, managing daily expenses is becoming a challenge and this is the reason why their mortgage is often seen moving upward, surpassing the value of the property purchased. Now, the Orlando Foreclosure Attorney brings the real solution where a homeowner can successfully protect his or her home to be foreclosed by a bank or a lender. Moreover, their free consultancy could be a generous help for anyone who is struggling from the problem of the mounting debt and is desperate to save his or her home.

If you too want to get a free consultancy in the matters of foreclosure, you can make a request online by visiting their website http://benkiranlaw.com.

About Benkiran Law

Benkiran Law Firm was founded in 2001 by Michele Diglio-Benkiran with her years of personal experience and business knowledge to offer diligent representation to all clients in various legal matters. After twelve years, the firm has emerged as one of the Most Appreciated Law Firms of Central Florida. Benkiran Law Firm is committed to providing the highest, individualized service tailored to meet the unique legal needs of each client. With their commitment of maintaining long-term, client relationships, they offer free consultancy to the residents of Orlando on various legal issues.

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