23, January 2016: There are many checkpoints in Ork Buster, including single player and team checkpoints. A solid strategy is essential to easily clear checkpoints of any kind. To create a solid strategy a good understanding of this game is needed.


Defense Towers Game Arrow Tower

The Arrow Tower has a high attacking speed and high PATK to attack single targets. It’s suitable for attacking monsters with low or low PDEF. The Arrow Tower can be upgraded into the Jungle Hunter Tower or the Bone Hunter Tower. The Jungle Hunter Tower has a very high attack speed and a wide attack range. It is able to attack up to 4 monsters at the same time and deal continuous venom damage ignoring the monster’s armor. While the Bone Hunter Tower can shoot arrows that will bounce between monsters, attacking more than a single target at the same time. And it also has a high attack and the chance to stun monsters.

The Barrack is a powerful tool in the battle. The Soldiers in the Barracks can intercept monsters and slow their advance. It’s especially useful to block monsters with high advancing speed. When Soldiers are blocking the monsters, the Turrets can attack the monsters at the same time to be most effective. The Barracks can be upgraded into Iron Camps and Warrior Barracks. Soldiers in the Iron Camp have a very high HP and Defense. They are able to restore their own HP, stun nearby monsters and use the Judgement upgrade to deal a lot of damage to monsters. On the other hand, Soldiers in the Warrior Barracks have a very high attack. They can deal Crit damage to nearby monsters or attack flying monsters with the Wild Spear upgrade.

Magic Tower
The Magic Tower is the only one who uses magic to attack monsters. It can deal high damage magical attacks ignoring the monster’s PDEF. When other Defense Towers can’t handle monsters with a high PDEF, Magic Towers will be your best choice. The Magic Tower can be upgraded into a Light Magic Tower and a Dark Magic Tower. The Light Magic Tower is able to slow down Monsters and use the Heaven’s Call upgrade to make a monster disappear from the battle. It can also summon a Mud Warrior to help you stop the monsters. The Dark Magic Tower can transport Monsters back to the starting point to keep them from trespassing your defense line. It can decrease the monster’s physical armor and deal magical damage. It can also curse monsters. When the cursed monsters dies, it will turn into a toxic cloud and cause magical damage to nearby monsters.

The Turret can deal damage to several monsters. It’s highly effective to deal physical damage to groups of monsters being held by your Soldiers. Although Turrets can’t attack flying monsters directly, when its bombs explode they can deal splash damage to flying monsters. The Turret can be upgraded into a Machine Gun Tower and a Bomb Launcher. The Machine Gun Tower has a high attack speed and it’s suitable to attack a monster with low physical defense. It can shoot multiple bullets at a high speed and cause damage to several monsters in a short time. Besides, it can also drag flying monsters to the ground with a net and set mines in the battlefield. The Bomb Launchers can launch powerful bombs and attack enemies to deal damage to monsters with low PDEF. The Cluster Bomb upgrade can track and attack nearby land and flying monsters. Its T6-18 Bombs can attack any land monsters.

Map Skills
The Fireball Skill can help you defeat a group of monsters that crossed your defense line. The Fireballs will land seconds after you clock on the skill. Remember to release the skill on advance. The Fireball Skill has a long Cooldown time.

Militia Support
Besides building Barracks, using the Militia Support Skill is the most effective way to stop your enemies. The Militia Support Skill has short Cooldown time. You can use it frequently to help your Defense Towers deal more damage to enemies.


The Sunlight Skill can break the monsters' PDEF and MDEF and deal special damage to monsters. Use the Skill to defeat those monsters that are difficult to be defeated with Defense Towers. But if a monster breaks your defense line, use the Sunlight Skill to stop it without hesitation!

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