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Art2arts reveals its newest paintings for the New Year

Hampshire, United Kingdom, January 5th, 2011 Superlatively successful original online art company Art2arts (http://www.art2arts.co.uk) has just revealed its outstanding selection of new pieces for January 2011. The contemporary art featured in the art site‘s catalogue is all 100% original. All work is selected on criteria of quality rather than commission.

The Art2arts business model has proved incredibly successful over the last 12 months. British home owners have clearly been missing a touch of originality in their houses: a touch that has been ably provided by the Art2arts catalogue. And with a new influx of high quality guaranteed original work coming in in time for the start of 2011, it looks as though the next 12 months is set to be no different. With contemporary art flying off the virtual shelves every day, Art2arts has reason to be cheerful indeed in this New Year.

The work provided by Art2arts represents the vanguard of a movement that is nothing less than a sea change in the way that art is viewed and bought in the United Kingdom. Where before, people were forced to rely on the quality judgements of art galleries and their owners, and to purchase reproduction copies of the art contained therein, they are now able to make their own decisions by going to trusted suppliers of genuine original contemporary art like Art2arts. Because the work on the site is all original, none of it exists anywhere except in the home of the person who buys it. And that means genuine uniqueness a rare commodity indeed in an age of homogeneity.

About Art2arts
Art2arts is a UK based dealer of original artworks. Their expertise lies in showcasing 100% original paintings on various subjects including abstract art, landscape, wildlife, still life, figurative, wall art.

Company name: Art2Arts
30 Lower Derby Road