19, December 2016: Jiangsu China-LED lighting products and fixtures are fast replacing the traditional modes of lighting including the incandescent and fluorescent varieties as government in each and every country on this planet are encouraging their citizens to use energy-efficient lights. There is tremendous pressure on every commercial organization, big or small as well as individuals to do their bit to protect the surrounding environment from further damage. Using lights or lighting systems, fixtures, and related accessories that consume less electrical energy in comparison to the conventional modes is surely one excellent way of safeguarding one’s immediate environment. Therefore, the use of different styles or varieties of LED lights that consume electrical energy efficiently and remain functional for a long time period has become widespread. Oriental Edison Lighting Technology is an established manufacturer of LED lights, lamps, and bulbs including g8.5 bulb lights.

LED lighting

Oriental Edison has a large manufacturing hub in the Jiangsu province of China where skilled technicians and workers are wholeheartedly engaged in giving their best in producing an eclectic variety of LED lamps, bulbs, and tube-lights. The astounding array of the company’s wares include dual-mode LED and solar-powered lights, LED street lamps, LED power supply equipment, LED modular lamps, LED flex lamps, LED linear light, LED bulb light, LED spot lamp, LED down-lamp, and LED panel lamps. Bulk of the produce of the China-based organization is meant for exporting to overseas markets and the business has sales offices or branches in Shenzhen, Shandong, Kunshan, and Shanghai. Oriental Edison has achieved a lofty degree of specialization in creating LED products as the company has been manufacturing these for decades. For instance, Oriental Edison stands out in the production of LED g8.5 lights.

Oriental focused on creating a long line of g8.5 lights like 35w LED bulb light, 25w LED bulb light, 17w LED bulb light, 10w LED cob LED par light, and 10w 360° LED light with aluminum housing. Each and every model of this category of LED light is energy-efficient as well as eco-friendly making it a perfect substitute for halogen lamps. There is a current driver ensconced inside the product that continuously supplies electric current to it and the aluminum housing functioning as a heat radiator ensures that it doesn’t get too hot while remaining lighted for long hours. This kind of light is ideal for installing on furniture, underground garage, parking lot, supermarkets, workshop, offices, hospitals, schools, households, and numerous other environments.

With respect to g8 LED replacement, Oriental Edison has received almost innumerable orders from numerous clients based in the country as well as abroad. For instance, one Mr. John placed an online order for 100pcs of 35w dimmable LED par light as replacement for halogen lamps.

Oriental Edison, of late, has also received orders for bulk supply of LED light bulbs g24 that are compatible with ballasts of Phillips, Osram, and Panasonic.

About Oriental Edison lighting technology limited:

Oriental Edison produces and exports LED tube lights, flood lights, corn lights, panel lights, G12 lights, and bulb lights at very competitive rates.

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