Have you ever heard of orgasmic rock? Probably not but you get the idea of the type of music it must be by the term coined by none other than Orlando’s newest hit artist Curse and Kisses.

Curse n Kisses

Curse & Kisses described his sound as being Orgasmic Rock and it just really stuck.
It stuck to the point of really becoming a new recognized genre of music. Orgasmic rock genre delivers “Lies” to all that want to really experience a sound that they will never forget. When you want to hear a sound that will take you to an entirely different level than you want to take a deep breath put on your head phones and listen to Warrior and Lies.

From the first chord you will easily understand what orgasmic rock sounds like. It is a sound that generates feelings from deep inside. A sound that you can easily relate to. The lyrics are all about whats real in life. The lyrics charm you into a high like you cannot get any other way.
This is a mature sound that is earth shaking and that will rock you to the core of who you are. Orgasmic rock is a whole new level of rock and roll that makes you want to thrash around. You are always wanting more when the song is over.

Curse and Kisses has cornered the Orgasmic rock genre to the tee in the form of Warrior and Lies. It is a pure rock and roll effort that takes alternative to the level of orgasmic sound. Check out what this hot new artist has to offer with his new enhanced website. There you can listen to his latest tracks and learn more about his movement: www.cursenkisses.com


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