The term UTE stands for utility vehicles. It comprises of a wide range of cars like trailers, heavy duty utility vehicles, trucks etc. To maintain these vehicles and to ensure that they are functioning properly, one always needs to keep some essential tools handy- these tools not only help to fix small issues that might go wrong with the vehicle but also save you when you are stuck in a remote location due to some technical glitches in the car. Using UTE boxes is the best way to ensure that tools are not far away. Among various types of toolboxes available in the market, checker plate tool box is the most popular and durable.

UTE boxes are absolutely essential accessory for any UTE. There are so many advantages of using them. These boxes contain shelves, drawers and trays which house tools efficiently so that they do not get damaged by tough weather conditions or by unwanted external force. Tools are expensive and get damaged easily if they rust or lose the sharp edge somehow- it renders them absolutely valueless. A car’s interior looks very messy with tools lying here and there and it also increases chance of theft in case the car is parked somewhere. When placed in a tool box, tools stay safe, car looks uncluttered and the car remains completely safe.

Different materials are used for manufacturing UTE boxes. One can get tool boxes manufactured from metals and polyethylene material. The one that is the most frequently used is checker plate tool box. These are usually made of steel and aluminium of heavy gauge. The former is light weight and hence is easy to be installed while the later offers better performance due to high tensile strength of the material. For heavy tools, toolboxes made of iron checker plate are recommended because the drawers in it rest on stainless steel ball bearings which prevent deformation of the tools.

Checker plate tool box offers good protection against moisture and dust because of the rubber inner lining present in it. They can be obtained in different dimensions and shapes. Both top open and front open checker toolboxes have a flat top which can be utilize in multiple ways. Drawbar and cross-deck toolboxes are used in trailers while square opening and underbody toolboxes are used in smaller UTEs because their heights are adjusted in such a way that it does not obstruct vision.

Chest style checker plate tool box has found a lot of applications in trucks. But for larger trucks UTE boxes with drawers are most preferred. Besides full top opening and side opening tool boxes, the ¾ opening tool boxes are gaining popularity because it requires very small place for accessing its contents and hence offers better dust protection. Rapidly evolving designs and easy availability have made these boxes a must have for every utility vehicle. The safety that these provide to valuable tools does not have a match. And that’s why all craftsmen must have one of it around.
Checker plate tool box are the most popular UTE boxes.