10, April 2015: While the weight conscious community struggles to lose weight without having to spend a lot of money, the weight loss supplement industry has experienced a boom. Although the big names in the industry have introduced supplements that work on the average person, the cost of using them on a daily basis is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, with an aim to make weight loss an achievable goal for all, BioGanix has brought forth the purest extract of organic Yacon. With the Yacon root extract, BioGanix seeks to help people lose weight without suffering from any consequences or losing too much money. Hence, after a successful launch a few months back, the Organic Yacon Syrup by BioGanix has managed to receive positive reviews from users across the United States and secure a cumulative customer review score of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Organic Yacon Syrup — the Natural & Organic Weight Loss Supplement for All

Although some supplements promising to deliver weight loss do work, majority do more harm than good in the long run. As a result, individuals often experience short term gains at the cost of putting their health at risk. Hence, seeking to bring only natural solutions for weight loss, BioGanix has introduced a line of products that offers only natural solutions. With the Organic Yacon Syrup, the company aims to help individuals lose weight naturally by curbing the appetite and enhancing the metabolism rate. As any fitness expert would proclaim, weight loss is a process that requires people to eat less and exercise more. Therefore, the Yacon Root Syrup has managed to win the hearts of individuals across the United States as the supplement successfully manages to increase the metabolism and suppress hunger. Moreover, a single bottle of the supplement can last for 2 months which makes the supplement affordable for the common man.

A verified customer of the product on Amazon, Hudson quotes “Since taking the Yacon Root, my appetite has not only been suppressed but I have found that foods I used to love to eat as a “treat’ I can’t literally stomach anymore. Sometimes I am guilty on liking steak fries with German mayo or gravy on them. However, I made them one night and could not eat them. The Yacon Root not only suppressed the appetite but for me, and I can only speak for myself, I find my body craving fresh fruits and vegetables. For the 4th of July I grilled a lot of veggie kabobs and had a nice salad with it. I drink water all the time and that is not an issue.”

He adds “I did stop taking this for two days when my Doctor prescribed another medicine (temporarily) and I did not know if they would conflict. However, the cravings came back and I wanted my steak fries but resisted. I did notice though I was eating more, in just the two days I was off. After the two days I took the Yacon Root in the morning and again, had no cravings and my appetite was low. In the short time I have been on it, I have lost 7 pounds. I have also noticed I don’t feel as bloated; my clothes are fitting great due to the weight loss and not being bloated. Again, this is meant for short term weight loss but I am hoping I can keep it off. I wanted to give an update so people knew where I am at halfway into the supplement.”

About BioGanix:

BioGanix is a fast growing nutraceutical and health and beauty company. It is a brand that supplies cutting-edge weight-loss, health and beauty improvement and fitness supplements and products, to help people lose weight and become healthier, happier, and more beautiful. As a leading producer of health and dietary supplements, BioGanix is a household name in the health and fitness industry. The company only provides premium quality products, without cutting any corners in the manufacturing processes. All their products are produced from natural ingredients, in GMP and FDA certified facilities in the USA. For details regarding Pure Yacon Extract, log onto http://www.amazon.com/Prebiotic-Probiotic-Supplement-Antioxidants-Metabolism/dp/B00HKFFKM6/