Organic Tantra is a new website which has just launched for all those who are looking to experience a Yoni massage. This ancestral Tantric tradition is one of the most connecting forms of massage and is a life-changing experience for participating couples.

[Lyon, France] dated August 22, 2016 - Yoni massage is one of the most sensual forms of massage. A form that ever couple should experience, strengthening relationships and pleasing both parties. This cause is the sole reason Organic Tantra was created, offering a step-by-step online course, available in 5 languages, for everyone to learn tantric techniques at home. This independence allows couples to progress at their own pace within their comfort zone.

Women can benefit from the course, unveiling mysteries concerning their deepest being, and help them develop their a connection within themselves. There are energy patterns which, when understood, helps clients experience unimaginable pleasure throughout the massage. While learning Yoni massage, men too will benefit, gaining an understanding of their partner’s energy patterns and likes. Men will start to know their partner in a completely different way, helping them open their heart, mind and body.

The courses come with more than 130 slides, alongside numerous pictures and videos to help learners grasp every details easily.Adding to this ease, each step for offering the perfect massage has been illustrated from the start till the end.  With this course, one can learn the key details of how to experience and deliver the ultimate experience. Organic Tantra was designed for couples who want to improve the connection between them and potentially bring a new level of intimacy.

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About Organic Tantra:
A newly designed online course, Organic Tantra, aims to help couples create a greater sense of connection and openness in their relationship. With step-by-step instructions to clients will learn how to give the fabled Yoni massage, benefiting both the masseuse and the massaged. The masseuse primarily benefits from the deep knowledge gained while the massaged receives amazing service an enlightening experience. The ultimate result is thriving passions paired with complex understanding to benefit any relationship.

Contact Person: Cédric Roman
Contact Number: +33 950690046
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Address: Numengo, 15 boulevard Vivier Merle, 69003 Lyon, France