Necedah, Wisconsin — Many pond cleaning services at offer only surface or temporary cleaning. These companies seem to be more worried about making the water "pretty" or cleaning up algae buildup on docks or rafts than treating the source of the problem: organic sediment buildup. Organic Sediment Removal Systems is a company that handles true pond restoration at by focusing on the true issues surrounding the question of sediment removal.

Organic Sediment Removal offers the services of professional

pond cleaners at in the Green Bay area who use the proven methods of sediment removal that bring ponds back to their original condition. Organic sediment will quickly build up and change the entire structure of a pond.

In fact, if left untreated, organic sediment will lead to the eventual choking out of a pond and turn the area into marsh. Therefore, pond owners who want to maintain clean water and a healthy pond ecology must address the issue of sediment build-up.

With pond restoration services from Organic Sediment Removal, pond owners will know that they are getting maintenance that will keep their ponds in the best possible condition and prevent overgrowth.

About Organic Sediment Removal Systems:

Rich Kohutko developed a system to remove organic sediment from the bottom of ponds as far back as 1990, and for the past quarter century has worked to restore many bodies of water to their natural state. Organic Sediment Removal Systems helps owners maintain bodies of water by removing damaging sediment and debris.

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