In the life cycle of a pond, sediments accumulate, algae and weeds grow, and the water quality deteriorates. Cleaning ponds, although necessary, present an interesting, and too often, expensive, challenge. Most often, pond owners hire professionals to drain the water source and remove the sediment with bulldozers, a procedure that many land owners cannot afford. One environmentally-friendly organization is revolutionizing the pond cleaning industry with a creative method for restoration. Organic Sediment Removal Systems introduces pond cleaning services, outlined at , that are as easy on the eco system as they are on the budget.

From private ponds to beaches and harbors to lake fronts, Organic Sediment Removal Systems (OSR) can professionally clean the water source without harming the aquatic life, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional pond restoration methods. Remove organic sediment while enhancing water quality. Reduce toxic gases while restoring the pond’s natural bottom. OSR uses a hydraulic system to eliminate sludge and create more room for the fish and plants that live there, and the professional pond cleaners, found at , can tackle projects anywhere in the United States.

For the highest quality, affordable pond restoration, as seen at , Organic Sediment Removal Systems has the creative, eco-friendly process, knowledgeable team of experts, and unbeatable pricing to accommodate a variety of water sources, no matter how tight the budget.

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Based in Wisconsin, Organic Sediment Removal Systems specializes in environmentally-conscious pond cleaning and restoration. The restoration experts use a hydraulic system to remove sediment and eliminate toxic gases, all at a price clients can afford.

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