Her Pow’s goal of reaching 250 positive reviews on amazon.com by June 21st, 2016 has been surpassed 13 days early by 492 reviews averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars as of June 8th of 2016.

At 4.8 stars on amazon.com with 492 reviews, the Pretend Food Toy Play Set created by Her Pow has been trending upward since its launch. By marketing standards, a corporate goal passed by 4.92 times is quite rare. Her Pow spokeswoman Elsie Murphy touched on the surprising results saying, “Either our entire marketing department deserves a raise, or parents are finally realizing that pretend food really is the next big thing in healthy child development.” Featuring many pretend plastic food pieces such as organic milk, organic canned vegetables, eggs, chicken, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and more; the set is perfect for kids 3 and up.

The ultimate pretend play food set by Her Pow includes 125 realistic pretend foods including pizza, fried chicken, donuts, and more that assist children in making healthy food decisions in contrast to unhealthy ones. Not only does the set have great variety with the 125 pieces, but it is also made of high-quality materials that are safe and strong. Featuring fun facts about each food on the nutrition label, the foods are interactive as well as educational and fun. High quality and attention to detail are also apparent in the design of the interactive play set for kids. Custom United States designers created both the packaging and the products themselves.

Pre-schools and doctor’s offices both use Her Pow’s play foods on Amazon to educate young children on the topic of healthy food choices. It is because of parents’ recent recognition of play food as an educational tool that Her Pow has been able to far surpass their goal of 250 positive reviews by mid-June of 2016, and they’re still on the rise.

Find the Pretend Food Toy Play Set online on amazon.com at http://amazon.com/Play-Food/dp/B01COI9EAC
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