Customers Buying uVernal’s Matcha Tea will Enjoy Additional Bonuses and Promo Extras

Feb 04,2016 - The organic products company, uVernal, has recently released its new product, Green Tea Matcha Powder. Matcha is a thin powder, which is made from ground green tea leafs. The powder delivers more nutrients than the average tea brew to the body, since the whole powder is ingested with the beverage or food it is contained in.

Experts predicted that Matcha would become increasingly popular in western countries, especially among the health conscious and eco friendly audience. Matcha’s popularity has indeed increased since the predictions were made and marketing specialists now believe that Matcha could become just as popular in the west as it has been in the east for over 800 years.

To further promote their new product, uVernal is preparing promotional material, which includes bonuses and extra offers for customers. Upon purchase of uVernal’s Matcha tea, customers will also receive said bonuses.

The Matcha from uVernal is a 100% organic product, produced in the mountainous areas of Japan that are famous for their clean environment. This Matcha is produced without any chemicals involved in the process. No fertilizers or pesticides are allowed to be used on the farms that grow uVernal’s Matcha. The tea trees are covered with shading cloth. The lack of sunlight causes the trees to form more chlorophyll in their leaves, which in turn improves their taste and nutritional value.

Matcha tea contains ten times more catechins than a cup of typical green tea. This is one of the reasons why consumers of Matcha receive more health benefits from Matcha in comparison to ordinary tea.

To increase interest in the many facets of their product, both as a health product and a delicious ingredient, uVernal offers a recipe book to all their customers upon purchase of the Matcha tea. This book contains recipes for beverages, baked goods and savory dishes that contain Matcha as a main ingredient or flavoring agent.

These recipes show the versatility of Matcha, which is often thought of as just as beverage ingredient.  A survey on the matter has shown that over two thirds of people that tasted recipes prepared with Matcha gave positive feedback. By offering this recipe book to their customers, uVernal hopes to spread the knowledge about Matcha’s versatility as an ingredient and the potential uses customers can find for this product.

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