Rewards to be given to Key Employees and Strategic Partners

Feb 04, 2016 - Producing Matcha tea in the traditional way is a hard and arduous process that takes months to complete and requires many working hours. To make original Matcha production lucrative, brands like uVernal promote the purity and superior quality of their product.

Tea experts agree that high quality Matcha has a sweeter and more complex taste. Studies have shown that this difference in quality comes from the amount of amino acids Matcha tea contains. According to the same experts, the best Matcha tea is grown organically, in clean areas and with great care to choose only the best leaves of the tree. Green tea trees need to be placed in the shade, which is achieved by covering the trees with cloth. Due to the shade the trees produce more chlorophyll in their leaves, increasing the density of nutrients within.

The strategic partners of uVernal play a large role in protecting this traditional way of production, which is also part of the Japanese cultural heritage. Original Matcha production hads become endangered in recent years by the increasing economic pressure that comes from farms that used pesticides and chemicals to increase their production and lowered the cost of Matcha. Thanks to the extensive efforts of uVernal and its partners, many traditional Matcha farms were protected and the public was informed about the superior quality of organic, hand-produced Matcha.

The company, uVernal, offers to those partners and the many assisting farmers who collaborated in saving the traditional ways of Matcha production in Japan rewards for their efforts.

The farmers play a key role in saving the traditional way of Matcha production, by staying true to organic methods. Only farms situated in clean areas, without any air, water or ground pollution from adjacent farms, are accepted to work with uVernal. By staying away from pesticides and fertilizers, the farmers produce a clean product, while also protecting the environment.

Brands like uVernal make the production of organic Matcha economically feasible, by supporting the farmers who stay away from chemical use and by promoting the true worth of a pure Matcha powder that has been grown carefully and naturally, like it has been done for the last millennium. The organic brand, uVernal, has chosen to reward its collaborators and partners to show their gratitude for their continuous cooperation.

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