WATERBURY, CT - Media Enterprise Group Inc. would like to announce the recent release of “Shellman Talks Baseball” a collector‘s edition baseball CD of locker room and dugout interview clips from spring training in 1985. Ex-minor leaguer Dale Shellman collected these interviews from some of baseball‘s greatest players. These one of a kind candid interviews with the likes of Ted Williams on the art of hitting, and Cal Ripken Jr. on his 400 plus consecutive game playing streak. They are sure to thrill any baseball enthusiast. This special edition would make a great gift.
This baseball hall of fame CD is packed with insightful quotes like “What money does is it creates a lot of pressure on the players, because the media makes a big thing out of the money. If a guy makes a million he‘s supposed to hit 35 home runs, if he makes two million he‘s supposed to hit 60. And player‘s read that, and they can‘t handle the pressure that comes with making all that money. That‘s why they don‘t have as much fun as they did 20 years ago,” said Pete Rose.
Media Enterprise Group Inc. is proud to announce as part of this promotion for each baseball hall of fame CD sold we will donate $2.00 in your name to a well known charity that you pick.
This hall of fame CD of locker room and dugout interviews is packed with over 70 minutes of content featuring along with Ted Williams, Cal Ripken Jr. and Pete Rose; more greats like Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk, Kirby Puckett, Tony LaRussa, Billy Martin, Tom Seaver, Sparky Anderson and Dave Parker.
Sparky Anderson on the fans, “I don‘t think they mind the salaries…The drug thing is what is going to tear it apart”
Tom Seaver on the million dollar contracts, “People began to open their eyes and say ´What in the world makes this guy worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?‘ And I think it‘s the star appeal that‘s caught people.”
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