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Orange County, California, Los Angeles (June 26, 2016) — People get arrested for the crimes they do not commit and often times going to jail can be fatal to a persons livelihood. DUI lawyers Orange County are exceptional in the criminal defense area of law and legal services. People who are charged with DUI for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol should act immediately and call a DUI lawyer to get the help they need. Once arrested, a police officer can ask for a blood or breath test. If the blood test fails a breath or urine test will be undertaken with the defendant. DUI Lawyers Orange County, headed by Oren Atias, has proven itself as one of the premier firms in Southern California. So far it has saved multiple clients who were charged with such crimes. Mr. Atias also represents clients charged with felonies. A felony lawyer in orange county is sometimes necessary, if the DUI or crimes being charged are more serious.

The experienced attorneys at the firm can help you navigate the legal systemWe use investigators, forensic alcohol experts, and field sobriety test experts to help you win your case. Despite the odds, our clients have prevailed against the State Prosecutors. The Orange County District Attorney’s office prosecutes DUI cases very seriously. Even the smallest enhancement can lead to jail time offers. Let the experienced attorneys at Atias Law Group and DUI Lawyer Orange County prevent you from going to jail.

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DUI Lawyers Orange County deals with a wide variety of DUI cases and a number of clients who have a row of multiple charges initiated against them. They have developed a reputation in the community for always being available to clients, day or night.

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