Orange County SEO successfully ranks Crystal Jewelry Company, Energy Muse, on the first page of the Google search engine using proprietary Search Engine Optimization strategies, and reveals how their Internet marketing system helped this company move from the “back pages” to the lead positions on Google, greatly increasing the company’s website traffic and online exposure.

As featured in the brilliantly crafted Orange County SEO press release, Orange County SEO Company , a leader in organic search engine optimization services, has demonstrated groundbreaking ability in the categories of search marketing, social media marketing, and paid search marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO). Since the Internet began, a number of companies have tried to perfect the art of online marketing. Achieving top rankings for generic terms like Crystal Jewelry has been the holy grail of internet marketing . However, this is much easier said than done. Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have become more sophisticated in how they find and display search results, and understanding how search engine algorithms gather and display information is key to achieving success on the internet.

The popular marketing company responsible for a number of position one rankings is Orange County SEO. They combine several techniques to deliver results for companies who want to engage in SEO marketing. Energy Muse was able to benefit from the use of their advanced on page optimization and link building tactics, moving their website from obscurity into prominence on the most popular search engine, Google. Some of their techniques used to increase online visibility include SEO marketing, pay per click advertising, website analytics, website design, social media marketing (SMM) and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Some of the most important factors in raising a companies search engine positions include SEO, On-page ranking factors and social media marketing.

Defining Your Niche

SEO search terms must be well-defined and link to high-quality content web pages so that search engines see the page as valuable. High-quality content will help a company’s “organic” search engine ranking, the natural ranking that occurs as search engine “spiders” or “bots” seek out information based on key search terms.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

While organic Search Engine Optimization generates traffic, it is not “instantaneous.” Utilizing search engine marketing programs such as pay per click (PPC) , traffic can be received in a matter of days instead of months. As a result, every business should have a PPC program for their targeted keywords..

Social Media Marketing

Social media is another very cost-effective way to get a company’s profile in front of millions of potential customers. Experienced SEO companies can utilize all types of social media marketing (SMM) when working with customers to target mass audiences.

Internet Marketing Orange County

“Search engine optimization, social media marketing and other internet-based advertising strategies are no longer optional but mandatory for today’s businesses,” says Tyler Collins , Owner of Orange County SEO. “Smart companies know that their advertising dollars should be spent where their customers are likely to look, and today that means the internet.”

About Orange County SEO

Orange County SEO is a provider of search engine optimization & packages, and offers a guaranteed search engine optimization program for any small to large business willing to try their program. All the affordable SEO packages come with the guarantee of top search engine rankings & increased website traffic, or the client receives 100% of the investment back.

Each package is individually powerful and precisely engineered for slightly different business models and levels of performance. Every option includes all the necessary elements of a successful SEO campaign, including keyword research, on-page optimization, local SEO & Google places, social media promotion, link building, press releases, reputation management, and comprehensive reporting with ranking analysis. Orange County SEO also offers a program featuring Free SEO program for non profits.

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