Proudly made in the Philippines, Opulence Skin offers affordable, yet effective skin care products. It uses the best local and imported ingredients that are proven to effectively provide a healthier and fairer skin. The process of making these products are carefully studied and developed by reputable dermatologists and chemists in the country.

The company is currently actively looking for distributors for their line of products that ranges from skin whitening items to food supplement. Opulence Skin is committed to helping women achieve a healthy and beautiful skin, and at the same time, provides an opportunity to let them earn additional income for themselves, as well as for their family. It's a win-win situation and exactly beneficial to both parties.

Skin Whitening

Opulence Skin whitening products offer three (3) varieties of soap: Charcoal Detox, Glycolic Peel, and Skin Clarifying. Each type of soap is intended for different skin types. For deep cleansing, it is advised to use the Charcoal Detox soap, especially for men who seldom exfoliate. As for those people who need anti-aging properties from the product that they are using, they may opt for Glycolic Peel. Lastly, the Skin Clarifying soap delivers moisturizing effect, most ideal for dry skin.

Aside from soap, the company is also known for its lotion called Ultra White Protect Glow. It contains SPF30, which protects the skin from all the damages from the Sun. This luxurious body lotion eliminates the production of melanin while aiding to achieve an invigorated skin and helps inhibit the formation of pigmented spots that produces skin darkening.

Another product that is getting a good feedback from the public is their facial moisturizers, Flawless Finish Facial Mousse Cream and Ultra White Protect Matte Face Cream with SPF30. These breakthrough whitening and anti-aging facial moisturizers includes top-quality ingredients from Europe that help shield and keep skin firmer, moisturized and brilliantly young-looking. With anti-aging properties that help in the production of collagen and prevents muscular contraction, resulting in immediate visible effects of a fresher looking face.

Food Supplement

The company successfully ventured as well in the food supplement business with the arrival of its Nutrawhite L-Glutathione + Boosters, a glutathione in the form of a capsule. Glutathione is well known for its so many benefits like Improved energy level, sharper memory, noticeable physical strength and muscle function, help fight infections, boost the immune system, and aids in cancer prevention.

About Opulence Skin

Opulence Skin is a brand that truly embodies the Pinoy spirit as it takes pride in the fact that its products cater primarily to the Filipinas. The Company’s products range from usual skin care topical products such as lotion, facial cream, soap, deodorant, and Glutathione food supplement that are dermatologically tested to be skin-friendly, and effective in their declaration in giving a whiter complexion to their users.

Opulence Skin
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Phone: +63 908 885 4618
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