To remain competitive in the transport and logistics industry, handling, shipping and billing must be done quickly, securely and accurately. METTLER TOLEDO recently published a free Productivity Guide that explains how to optimize efficiency and recover revenue through automatic weighing, dimensioning and identification.

The comprehensive guide offers advice about getting paid properly, guaranteeing highread rates and optimizing parcel and pallet handling processes. Packed with tips, facts and case studies, this guide explains how to improve operational productivity with updates on important industry information, such as legalfortrade compliance.

Price it Right
Light, bulky items are expensive to send because they take up a lot of space. By charging by the size of a parcel or pallet rather than weight alone, transport companies can get paid for the actual space the item occupies during shipping, covering actual cost of transport. This way, customers get invoiced accurately and carriers protect their revenue.

Many transport and logistics companies lose income due to inaccurate invoicing. Some only charge by weight, while others rely on errorprone manual measuring. Others simply trust their customers’ calculations. The new Productivity Guide from METTLER TOLEDO addresses how automatic measuring ensures high quality data for invoicing, planning and customer communication.

The detailed and compact guide explains the key considerations for switching to automatic measuring, such as space optimization, carbon emission reduction and cost management.

Optimize Operations and Profit
Implementing a dimensional weight pricing strategy can be the difference between losing vital income and maximizing profit. The Productivity Guide explains what to consider when switching to automatic measuring and how to best meet your goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

Users will learn more about which technology and software features to consider for improved performance. Efficient load planning can help reduce the amount of vehicles on the road or in the sky. Additionally, the guide explains how to encourage customers to pack more densely, reducing packaging and space required.

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About Cargoscan Dimenioning Solutions
METTLER TOLEDO Cargoscan dimensioning solutions are used by international transport companies, small carriers, warehouses and distribution centers around the world. Our systems are all approved according to international weights and measures standards, ensuring high instrument performance. Our cuttingedge, laser range finder technology ensures the highest accuracy in the industry a couple of millimeters difference in accuracy makes a huge impact on revenue.

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