China - For most of people who already order mould china famous supplier, they need to pay more attention to inspect and monitor some parts of these molds when they use them in the production process. Today, the engineer from this famous China supplier will introduce with people these attentively points.

The function of components for backing-out and direction guiding could greatly ensure the opening and closing movement of the mold and the backing-out of the plastic parts. If any part of which stuck, which should be the reason of the partial injure. This situation will lead to the discontinued condition. So, people need to frequently keep the lubricated condition of mold thimble and guided ion. However, the selection of the suitable lubricated oil is very necessary. Furthermore, people should regularly check thimble and guide posts and see whether the surface of them have deformation and damage. Once people find these situations, these damaged parts need to be timely replaced.

After the completion of a production cycle, the suitable volume of anti-rusty oil should be coated on the surface of mold and other professional movement parts. In particularly, people should pay more attention to the protection of the bearing part of gear mold and springs mold. These parts need to be kept at top working condition. This is the second crucial part which people need to note.

With the continuous production time, the cooling channels of the injection moulding china will easily occur the phenomenon of scale, corrosion, sludge and algae so that the cooling flow of channel cross section will becomes smaller and smaller which will greatly reduce the reduce the rate of heat exchange between the coolant and the mold and the production cost of enterprise will be totally increased. So, cleaning up for the flowing channel is very crucial part of each operator¡¯s daily work.

For the heat flowing mold, the maintenance of heating and controlling systems could help to prevent the occurrence of production failures so this part is particularly important. So, people should regularly measure and check mold heater, rod heater and thermocouple at the end of each production cycle. If these parts have relatively damage, people must promptly replace them and then do some comparison with mold resume and make a detailed record so that some problems could be timely identified by people.

The engineer from hopes each of their consumers who already read this article could strictly obey the rules above. Therefore, their new purchased mold china will have a longer service life and high precision.

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