New York, United States— reported the latest findings on employment growth for pharmacy technicians which are predicted to increase by 32% from 2010 to 2020. The estimated numeric value would be from 108,300 to 442,600 by year 2020.

The increase in pharmacy technician employment opportunities are said to be much more as compared with other occupations. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Projections programs, pharmacy technicians is showing a 32% increase while health technologists and technicians is forecasted to have a 26% increase only. Other fields of occupations are found to have 14% growth as compared to previous years, giving pharmacy technicians the highest employment opportunities for the next 7 years as of today.

The demand for employment is brought about by the advancement in pharmaceutical research primarily focused in bringing out innovative prescription medications that are used to fight various diseases, OpenFarmTech representatives say. Not to mention the escalating factor of old age which is relatively the top most reason of the demand.


Due to the rise in demand, the prospective pharmacy technician job applicants however are expected to have undergone formal training, obtained high school diploma or GED and must have passed the exams required by the State. said that every state may have different requirements as to its license and certification. It is therefore advisable for them to consult the State Board of Pharmacy as to their regulations. Apart from the education and training programs, other requirements may include criminal background check, completion of forms together with the other requirements as stipulated in the application, payment of fees and more.

Qualities also stated that pharmacy technicians must possess the following qualities: customer-oriented, detail-oriented and lastly, he or she must have organizational skills.

Having Customer-oriented skills are very important in this position according to representative since most of their time is focused on customer interaction. Patience, helpfulness and politeness are the traits required for technicians working in a retail setting.

Working in an establishment that provides assistance to patients with health problems is a serious endeavor. Mistakes, especially in filling out prescription forms are not acceptable in this field. Even though it is the pharmacist’s obligation of ensuring proper medication disposal, pharmacy technicians still play an integral part in avoiding complications.

Organizational skills is also very important as the job requires several balancing and organizing not just supplies but also their assigned work as delegated by the pharmacist, at the same time entertaining and satisfying customer’s needs.


The demand for pharmacy technicians do not only bring job opportunities to many unemployed individuals but have opened a better future for them. The median wage for pharmacy technicians is actually higher among other industries.

Pharmacies are open 24/7. Therefore, pharmacy technicians are required to work on night shifts and even on weekends. A lot of pharmacy technicians have full-time job employment but there are still a lot who are working as part-time employees only.


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Cindy Shaw,
OpenFarmTech Editor
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