Los Angeles, California, April 28, 2014 Stemming from hip-hop roots, OnPlanetZu is the product of musical evolution and a testament to creativity. A refusal to remain constant makes the music of OnPlanetZu one of the most diverse groups on the current hip-hop landscape. Their latest album “Adventures Of Yo Mama” is frenetic in nature and part of the band’s unique approach to art. Because each track is meticulously re-engineered, listeners are often left bewildered, astonished, and craving more.

Possibly the most noticeable element to the music of OnPlanetZu is the heavy presence of bass. Tracks are engineered with the express purpose of putting bass at the forefront, giving the album plenty of meat. Combine this with the constantly changing hooks and rhythms, and it starts to become clear as to the sheer amount of work that was put into the album. Even as electronically engineered as “Adventures Of Yo Mama” is, the album still possesses that ‘edge’ that can only be achieved through live music.

Recorded alongside producer Cori ‘Fader’ Jacobs, “Adventures Of Yo Mama” is a 13-track masterpiece packed with intelligent lyrics, captivating beats, and infectious hooks. It also features a number of names in the rap game including Supa, A Tone and Galilee. Having had many doors opened via television stations and internet radio, OnPlanetZu is in the process of organizing a tour to support the album with the help of industry icons like Skee-Lo Musik, Skopemag, Sony Red, and Cleopatra Records.

“Adventures Of Yo Mama” will be available at virtually every online music vendor and brick and mortar location; even Wal-Mart. For more information on the band, its history, and what comes next, check out their website at www.onplanetzu.com, or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/onplanetzu. Listeners can also check out the band’s track “Speakers”, and watch additional videos on YouTube at www.youtube.com/onplanetzu. Fans can also look forward to four of their tracks appearing on a dubstep box set by Cleopatra Records.

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