The 6 Week Shred Program is now available for free, with all the workout routines and materials to lose weight over the course of the program. It includes a combination of training techniques, details on the reps and intensity needed to burn fat, and 20 minute workouts that can be done at home.

In addition to the workouts, the program offers nutrition tips, including what to eat and foods that should be avoided. Also, the newsletter provides recipes and meal plans that are intended to help burn fat.

The step-by-step 6 Week Shred Program goes through every workout for a six-week period. Workout’s and nutrition tips are delivered to the user’s inbox every day, complete with instructional videos to start and follow along with. A Workout Guide is also included, which serves as a step-by-step manual for selecting weights, sets, reps, and proper rest periods.

Also provided as part of the program are Progress Tracker Forms for measuring progress at each workout and on a week-by-week basis. Printable forms include workout sheets with exercises so the order of each can be tracked with thorough descriptions. Pictures of start and finish positions are included with each sheet to make workouts simple no matter when or where they are completed.

As a bonus for signing up for the program, the E-book, “Torch the Fat” is included and also a link to the Maximum Afterburn metabolic rate calculator. This will allow you to calculate the correct daily amount of calories to eat for losing a maximum amount of fat in the least amount of time.

To learn more and to sign up for the 6 Week Shred Program, visit the Maximum Afterburn website at or sign up at