London, UK; 13, April 2015: Sensing the urgency of a streaming media that is not subject to restrictions of the government agencies and that is free from non-sense ads that a viewer is bound to watch while accessing a video, a bunch of professionals came together to launch this ad-free first online video streaming platform, the Launched in 2005, today the website has become the largest independently-owned digital video website, with millions of viewers every month.


The objective of the website is to create a clean video streaming platform, allowing video publishers to connect with their audience. After a hard work and strong determination, the creators of the website could successfully launch the platform, allowing producers to distribute the best of the entertaining videos for the global audience. The website has a team of editors who meticulously check each of the videos before publishing them online for people’s viewing. This is the reason why one can rest assured of finding the best video with a great reliability.

DailyStream is a well-thought online video streaming platform that is dedicated to showcasing the most entertaining videos. One can create a free account on the website and can upload videos for connecting with their target audience. The site has a large user base that regularly browses through the platform to view videos of their interest. The website has a community of 2000+ independent producers from across the world who regularly upload their awesome videos on the site, ensuring a great variety of entertainment videos to the worldwide audience.

The team of professionals working behind the platform develops, produces and distributes the original videos for the audience to have a great video watching experience without coming across annoying ads in between. Thus, the website has emerged as a platform for the global audience to access the great content online that they can enjoy without any interruption. They also have apps for accessing videos on mobiles, tablets and other devices for an ‘anytime, anywhere’ entertainment. To upload a video or to access a host of entertainment videos, one can visit the website

About DailyStream:

DailyStream is an online video streaming platform started in 2005 by London based TSoft Limited. The company is a team of professionals from various fields who came together to create a video streaming platform that can offer great ads-free entertainment videos to the global audience. More than 2000 producers publish their original videos on the site on a regular basis, and the site gets millions of users every month .

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