Online shopping websites of the product and service providers make it possible for customers to buy what they like and get items delivered right to their door step. The amalgamation of computer and internet technologies has ushered in an era of electronic commerce known as ecommerce online shopping. No longer do people need to go to the markets, malls, or shops to buy the articles they need. Online shopping websites of the product and service providers make it possible for customers to buy what they like and get these delivered to their door step.

Similarly, there are online shopping directories that serve both the sellers and the buyers of different types of products and services. A Queensland, Australia, based individual, John Nicholas, has launched a new internet directory of online shopping stores with many unique and interesting features.

If you ever wondered about internet shopping, many thoughts would have crossed your mind regarding the reliability of this medium. This directory‘s ´Privacy Policy‘ outlines that its web server does not recognize the information about the domain name or the email addresses.

The only information that the site gathers is of those people who communicate via email and the one that is shared voluntarily by the customer like site registrations and surveys.

Another type of data gathered, pertains to the pages accessed by the users. Clearly, this type of data gathering by the site does not infringe the privacy of the users. This data is used for internal review, for marketing purposes, to improve the content of the site and at a more specific level, to improve the layout of the page. This makes online shopping through this directory site, a very safe and secure proposition.

This directory of the stores uses the concept of keyword capture. It works by capturing the keywords entered by the net surfers on the search engines and directs the visitors to appropriate stores or store owners.

The Online shopping directories have a good number of incoming links. When combined with the traffic of the listed stores, it works well to push it up on top of search engine pages. So, if you are a seller, the site does not charge anything to get you listed. Also, if you are a buyer, you can easily access the stores.

While using the site, you will be required to first, choose the category of the stores. The categories are mentioned in text format and as thumbnails. Thereafter, the site will direct you to select a country from a list of the countries provided. The countries on the site are USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, and India.

On selecting the country, the site will feature the listed online stores. The categories mentioned on the site index are the keywords bringing a very high volume of traffic. So, you will not find the general categories of automotive, gifts or electrical but more specific keyword categories like motorcycle, cars, toys, white goods, etc.

If you wish to find online shopping stores, then the site has customized Google search option for finding them in the listed countries. It also mentions the most recent category included on the site. The site has dedicated space for shoppers‘ feedback.

If you feel bored or wish to get some entertainment, the home page of the site lists funny videos from YouTube. The other video links for some specific categories of products are also available.

For more information on online shopping directory, please visit the given link:

Mailing Address: John Nicholas
P.O. Box 11
Montville, QLD 4560