When the great folks at McKenney Salinas Powersports wanted to grow their online presence and drive more leads from online shoppers they decided to call the team at CGR Creative Marketing agency. CGR is a Design and marketing agency comprised of 10+ experienced professionals with skill sets that are unique to each. The belief at CGR has always been to combine all disciplines and backgrounds at one roundtable of solutions for clients. By having a full spectrum of Social media, SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing, PR, Writing and graphic web design at one roundtable CGR makes sure all aspects of the marketing process are thought of. The McKenney Salinas account was overseen and implemented by the Director of Online Marketing Todd Kron for CGR. Mr. Kron is the hands on decision maker and delegator that owns the success of SEO for the CGR team.

The initial Goal in the SEO campaign for MS Honda Powersports was to make them the #1 Charlotte Motorcycle Dealer. When the client came to us they were already somewhat successful and sitting at position #12 for this search in Google.com and not ranking in the top 50 on Bing and Yahoo search. The website faced a particular challenge as it used a non SEO friendly PSN Network or Dominion based platform as opposed to a more SEO friendly WordPress, Joomla or HTML 5 custom design.

As of the first of March, 2013 The client has reached this goal and successfully beat out the larger high budget ventures of their competition. Today they are the #1 ranking Charlotte motorcycle dealer in Charlotte, NC.

So what does this one part of their success mean to a small business?

Well according to one often quoted study from the guys at searchenginewatch.com the #1 ranking website gets about 36% of all clicks from that search by customers. The #12 spot they previously held gets about 1.5%


The top 5 sites that are often "above the fold" (don't have to scroll to view), have a dramatic rise in clicks from people searching for your service. In this case popular terms like Charlotte Honda motorcycles, Charlotte Kawasaki Motorcycles, and Charlotte ATV dealer McKenney Salinas Powersports also enjoys a top 4 position in the searches.

And how does that translate out for customers to their business?

The past 30 days have seen a 14.57% increase in search engine visitors, The 30 days before that saw a 14.45% increase in traffic.

So is that an anomaly of choosing SEO as a marketing strategy?

Just contact CGR Creative and discuss the advantages of just speak with Dr. David Klein of Concord who is the #2 ranking Charlotte plastic Surgeon only 3 months after being unranked for his profession.


CGR Creative (http://cgrcreative.com/) is a full-service Charlotte Marketing COmpany that has been in business for 10 strong years. CGR‘s core specialties include corporate branding, logo design, cutting edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns, Website Design, eCommerce Solutions, custom Programming and Applications Development, as well as, Pay-Per-Click [PPC] and Media Buying Services for both on and offline marketing channels.

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