Until now, it’s been difficult for men with alternative preferences to get the clothing that they want online. But thanks to non-generic men's clothing brand, Differio, that’s all about to change. Recently, the company has seen a dramatic uptick in demand for its products and is now expanding its range of stylish clothing, targeting men of all persuasions and lifestyles.

Differio started life in cosmopolitan Manhattan in 2014. The founders had noticed that the market for menswear was changing and that men, like women, wanted fashion and clothing to be an event, not just something that was merely functional. As a result, they began investing in their line of menswear clothing, encompassing everything from sportswear to swimwear to denim. Over time they found that their focus on independent labels was drawing in more and more customers, and it was all thanks to the unique way in which they were targeting the market. They had found that men didn’t just want something to help them “blend in:” they wanted clothes that were masculine, sexy, athletic and futuristics. Differio, therefore, went on a mission to make sure that it offered well-crafted clothing from the best labels available, all the while trying to bring something unique to the men’s clothing market.

Jimmy Chrabieh, the CEO of the company, has made his ambition clear. His core purpose, as well as that of the company, is to “change the world together.” He knows that the world doesn’t really need another clothing retailer: what it needs is a retailer who can actually make the world better. Thanks to this unique focus, the company is experiencing growth, especially in its clothing, shoes and accessories brands; products to which we will now turn.

Community Engagement

Part of the reason why the company has grown so rapidly over the last two years is the fact that it has taken significant pains to engage the community. It sees itself as a “tribe” which its members can join to get news emails and special offers. It also regularly conducts polls., asking its “shopaholic” customers what items of clothing they buy most often when they’re out shopping. All of this is designed to fuel the company’s identity, strongly emphasized by its core line of products.

Clothes, Shoes, And Accessories

Take Differio’s selection of shoes, for instance. Here you’ll find everything from scarlet-red venom sneakers by Jump, to graphic leather Oxfords vogue by Fertini. These items are very different from what you might see in a regular men’s clothing store and are ideally suited for men who love fashion and wearing something a little different.

The selection of bags and accessories on offer here is reminiscent of the diversity of selection available online to women, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a definite masculine bent. Every item in the lineup is designed with care, offering something unique, from black tassel belts, to punk gloves to brown vintage leather bags.

Customers can get in contact with the company by visiting their website, or their store, located at 2267 Steinway Street, New York City.

Jimmy Chrabieh, Chairman CEO
Address: 2276 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11105
Telephone: 718-440-3484
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://differio.com/