Twitter has become one of the popular networking sites as of today. Business men also prefer Twitter for most of their Online Marketing Services. Most of the Link Building activities also depend on Twitter. Most of the features in Twitter are such that, they help a lot of people, in terms of increasing their business.

A few new features in Twitter are:

• Twitter client Tweetie 2.1 has arrived in iPhone. This is the first major update to Tweetie 2, and it features support for Lists, native retweets and Geotagging.

• One of the most-anticipated changes is that the way the application displays retweets, with a small version of the retweeter's button on the original posters. The quote tweet option is also available, So that you if still want to use the old retweet, you can use that.

• Tweetie 2.1's has the ability to create, edit and view lists. You can access this by going to your profile and scroll down. Downloading this version is very easy; you can also seek help from experts like AJS promotional Media.

• Twitter has also rolled out its new Lists feature to a larger portion of its user. This feature allows one to group users and follow together and then lets you share those for others to also follow.

• Setting up this new feature is fairly simple. In the homepage features a Lists banner that allows you to start by clicking on the Create a new list button. After having done this, an overlay appears and you just type in the list name, this the Twitter then converts into a permalink along the lines of and then set the list to be public or private.

• Also on the right hand column of your homepage, you can see new lists area under you bio. By clicking this, it will take you to your list overview page where you can manage your own lists, as well as see other‘s lists. Also, on user profile pages you will see that the users‘ lists are now listed under the Favourites. Then by clicking on any of these lists, it will take you to a stream of users who have just followed by that list. So this becomes as a filter, if used the right way.

• Twitter allows spreading the information from person to person very quickly; this is one of the best features of Twitter. This is because Twitter is a one-to-many communications platform and it allows for content to be easily repeated which is called Retweet.

• Unfortunately, retweets weren‘t that great in the beginning. Retweeting was a completely manual process. Some third party Twitter clients had to build-in retweet buttons, then it would automatically add the proper attribution and designation text. A lot of times, you will have to edit the original retweeted text in order to make it fit within Twitter‘s 140 character limit. (This was the limit, that retweet had) The old style of retweets led to a lot of redundancy.

• Now Twitter‘s has new official retweet feature that fixes most of the old feature. Instead of retweets being appended with the RT text, they have a special retweet icon. Also they come directly from the original tweeter‘s account. Example, If one of your followers retweets User X, then you can see that tweet in your timeline, with a message telling you if your followers have retweeted that tweet.

Also this feature has fixed the redundancy issue by grouping them together identical retweets.

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