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Calculus was invented by two of the greatest mathematicians Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz.. Calculus is a branch of mathematics with applications in just about all areas of science and engineering. Understanding how the functions work is important if a student will continue onto calculus. Normally, polynomial functions are learned during algebra. The rational functions which are learned during algebra or pre calculus represent a
fraction with a polynomial in the numerator and one in the denominator calculus centers around the concept of the function Simply put, a function is a mapping of one set of numbers onto another set of numbers. However, the set of numbers that are being mapped to get only mapped from one unique number and not from many. Otherwise, it is not a function. The set of numbers that are being mapped from is called the domain while the set of numbers being mapped to by the function is called the range.. Exponential and logarithmic functions are important mathematical functions with wide applications, including the studies of population growth, radioactive decay, and compound interest. An exponential function has the form f(x) = C * b^x, where b is a positive constant known as a base, C is an arbitrary constant, usually positive, and the argument x plays the role of an exponent. If b is greater than 1, then f(x) increases with x; otherwise it decreases with x. Even a relatively small base results in very rapid growth.
example of an exponential function is radioactive decay. The amount of a radioactive substance with a half-life of T_1/2 decays according to the formula N(t) = N(0) * 2^(-t/T_1/2). Radioactive isotopes are used to determine the ages of fossils as well as ancient artifacts by means of this formula.
If you're working hard, have realistic goals, and need that extra push to get there, finding a online calculus tutor will be a good idea. Sometimes it would seem that learning calculus is hardly worth the effort. All those painful techniques and formulas, replete with grotesque and hideous symbolism, would detract even the heartiest from diving headfirst into this strange world. Yet when you come to understand that such arcane features actually serve purpose, you begin to realize that mathematics solves very difficult problems with an economy that would make the most niggardly cheapskate proud. Such is the case with calculus