Whenever we have to make a purchase, we all ( atleast I do ! ) drive around to different stores or browse thru multitudes of online sites to look for a deal. There are plenty of choices, actually too many!!

There are many price comparison search engines, which would fairly give you good idea of prices across all popular merchants. But comparison search engines do not take into account, deals and promotions, regularly announced by these merchants.

And that gave birth to Grab A Deal Now i.e. http://www.GrabADealNow.com . Its so hard to get a small, sensible domain name these days, so the long name !

It is a one-stop shop for deals, specials, promotions, offers & coupons for consumer goods in Electronics, Computers, Apparels, Health & Beauty, Home & Outdoors, from US online stores like Amazon, BestBuy, Tigerdirect, HP, ToshibaDirect, Newegg, Walmart, Lenovo etc.

We have decided to make the layout simple, on the line of Craiglist.
Please visit http://www.grabadealnow.com and enjoy deals.