ONE DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. has proposed a strategic partnership with Thailand’s state-owned telecommunications company (TOT), to attract Mobile Virtual Network Operators and service providers to its network, bringing profit and market share to TOT, as well as create thousands of new jobs in the digital economy.

BANGKOK, THAILAND - February 23, 2015 — ONE DEVELOPMENT, Thailand’s Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), and Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), has officially submitted its proposal to become a strategic partner with TOT Public Company Limited, Thailand’s state-owned telecommunications company.

ONE DEVELOPMENT propose that TOT enters into a strategic partnership, with the company for the creation of a business entity, which will attract Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and service providers to TOT’s network, resulting in substantial revenue, profit and market share to TOT, as well as create thousands of new jobs directly and indirectly in the country.

The core of ONE DEVELOPMENT’s solution consist of a comprehensive MVNA/MVNE technology platform which covers the whole infrastructure necessary, however the unique value proposition goes beyond the classical scope of a MVNA/MVNE technology platform and fully capitalizes on ONE DEVELOPMENT’s commercial expertise via its unique go-to-market service. The go-to-market service supports the entire customer lifecycle, thereby allowing brands, SMEs, enterprise customers, MVNOs, IoT, M2Ms, Cloud service providers and OTT clients — with or without telecom experience - to focus on developing mobile product and service offerings to win and grow customers.

TOT recently announced its intention to expand its business through partnerships and commercial agreements with third party companies and several have already expressed their interest in this.

A strategic partnership with ONE DEVELOPMENT could be an important step for TOT towards realizing this objective as the MVNA/MVNE setup will facilitate and enhance the smooth inclusion of third party companies to become value-adding partners to TOT.

ONE DEVELOPMENT see this as a very exciting step in the evolution of TOT and Thailand’s digital economy, as it will allow small and large service providers and MVNOs alike, to establish themselves, quickly and efficiently backed by the most advanced technology platform and go-to-market service available on the market.

ONE DEVELOPMENT is a Thai company, consisting of seasoned local and international Telecom, Media and Commerce professionals who has successfully implemented MVNA, MVNE, MVNO, and mobile operator ventures worldwide. From inception through startup, high growth, to maturity and profitable exit/success.

We connect Thailand, bypass constraints and delays by utilizing technology and skillsets, which enables the offering on new services and innovation to people, businesses and organizations.

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