On the Road, in the Wardrobe and now on Paper! 
Now you have a reason to flaunt your love for the F1 Grand Prix and the craze over Ferrari



India: William Penn brings home a startling sporty brand Ferrari together with Sheaffer in the form of a writing instrument. This trendy yet sporty collection is available in four modern styles, and exudes the passion, the finesse, and the extraordinary quotient that helps one correlate with the Scuderia Ferrari Racing Team.

Inspired by the instantly recognizable red that gleams off its surface, the sleek, bold design, and the unparalleled speed of a Ferrari race car, Sheaffer® introduces Ferrari VFM, Ferrari 100, Ferrari 300 and Ferrari 500. Trademark features of these collections include:

  • An elongated clip on Ferrari 500
  • Dramatic black accents on Ferrari 300
  • Ferrari emblem on cap ornament of Ferrari 100
  • Gloss finish with a silk screen Scuderia Ferrari logo on Ferrari VFM

A variety of modes are available and all fountain pens carry a stainless steel Sheaffer® nib. For continued writing enjoyment all modes take Sheaffer® refills. Ferrari official Licensed Writing Instruments by Sheaffer® are sure to perform at maximum speeds and delight Ferrari enthusiasts everywhere.

This must-have sporty pen brand collection is available at William Penn stores.

About William Penn  The World Pen Store, is home to the finest writing instruments the world over, currently featuring over 20 well-known brands; from the magnificent Caran d‘Ache to the awe inspiring S.T. Dupont, from the world renowned Sheaffer to the elite Conway Stewart, to the extravagant Montblanc, to the charismatic Cartier, from the innovative Fisher Space to the elegant Omas and to the smooth Sailor.

William Penn also retails desktop accessories from Dalvey & El Casco and classic man‘s accessories from among the likes of S.T. Dupont and Chamois. William Penn endeavors to provide an extensive range of products coupled with a unique customer experience. Trained and well-read personnel offer specialized service and valuable opinions that assist product selection and make shopping for fine writing instruments a pleasure. The face of fine writing in India, William Penn has 15 outlets spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad Chennai and Pune.

Ferrari 500


Sheaffer Ferrari 500 Red Ballpoint - Model: 9504-2 - MRP Rs.2000/-

Ferrari 300


Sheaffer Ferrari 300 Red Fountain Pen - Model: 9503-0 - MRP Rs.3500/-


Sheaffer Ferrari 300 Red Rollerball - Model: 9503-1 - MRP Rs.3000/-


Sheaffer Ferrari 300 Red Ballpoint - Model: 9503-2 - MRP Rs.2000/-

Ferrari 100


Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Black Fountain Pen - Model: 9502-0 MRP Rs.3000/-


Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Red Fountain Pen - Model: 9501-0 - MRP Rs.3000/-


Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Black Rollerball - Model: 9502-1 - MRP Rs.2250/-


Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Red Rollerball - Model: 9501-1 MRP Rs.2250/-


Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Black Ballpoint - Model: 9502-2 MRP Rs.1750


Sheaffer Ferrari 100 Red Ballpoint - Model: 9501-2 - MRP Rs.1750

Ferrari VFM


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