Louisville, Kentucky — OmniGlassware a manufacturer of high quality glass decanters recently released a new alcohol decanter under the DerbyCanter brand name.

The new DerbyCanter is a 750ml hand-blown glass bottle with colored glass accents shaped like a charging bull. Media relation’s spokesman Michael Paulin expressed excitement about the launch stating, “We are thrilled with the launch of our charging bull decanter, feedback has been extremely positive and sales are encouraging.”

The new decanter launched earlier this month on Amazon.com, “Launching on amazon.com gives us a great opportunity to get our product in our customers hands quickly and allows us to get instant feedback,” said Paulin.

The decanters are currently available for purchase on Amazon.com, the price range of OmniGlassware decanters is from $50 to $100. To buy a decanter or to learn more about the DerbyCanter brand click here to go to Amazon.com

About OmniGlassware

OmniGlassware is a glass decanter manufacturer headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. The company owns and operates the brands, Prestige Decanters and DerbyCanter and is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing beautifully designed liquor decanters with high standards of quality and craftsmanship. For more information you can visit http://DerbyCanter.com

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