The fifth generation of the Piccone family continues their family legacy of “Dress Passionately” by providing custom tailoring services to their clients which demand high quality suits.

Carrying on the family legacy of providing the finest dressing, and tailoring the top of the line suits, the fifth generation of the Piccone family is still maintaining the highest standards of perfection and quality, which is the trademark of the Omero’s.

Started in 1954, the Piccone family has been dedicated to tailoring the best and top of the line suits for their clients, using only the highest quality fabric, and giving it a touch of their expertise in Italian dressing. Even after migrating to US, the next generation of the Piccone family remained dedicated to their family business and family name; and today, it continues to serve the clients who demand only the very best when it comes to dressing.

Being a family business, the current generation of the Piccone family is still dedicated of continuing their family legacy of tailoring high quality suits and dresses, and refuse to compromise on the quality in exchange of higher revenues. Therefore, they only serve their clients on scheduled appointment to ensure that their quality doesn’t get compromised.

Walter Piccone, the member of Picco family who, after leaning from his father, and having experience in fine men’s clothing of over 3 decades, officially founded Omero’s in 2004. He stated his vision by saying, “A goal of taking clients to levels no clothing retailer has ever gone to before was formed; Omero’s was born!”

However, Mr. Picco did have to work very hard for the position he currently holds today in the world of clothing. About his learning phase, he writes, “I went to work in a local custom tailor shop, where under the tutelage of my boss, Pete, I learned to sell clothes. For 4 years, I studied diligently and applied what I was learning.”

Jay Berube, the Executive Director at UBS, and one of the regular clients of the Omero’s wrote: “The garments are top quality, but the service is exquisite! If you enjoy a top notch experience I strongly recommend my good friend Matt Piccone.”

It is because of this dedication and the skill set passed down from the generations that their clients refuse to have anyone tailor their suits, except Omero’s.

Omero’s is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of fine men’s dressing. It was founded in 2004 by Mr. Omero. However, their family is in the business for decades. Today, it is managed by the fifth generation of the Piccone family. They call it ‘Dress Passionately’.

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