Omero’s Clothes has announced a new range of custom clothes and accessories.

Upon noticing that the people in the New York need better and modern clothes, custom-built to match the needs of each individual, the Omero’s Clothes, a family owned business of highly professional tailors, has announced a new range of custom clothes and accessories.

In New York, which is also famous for its combination of sophisticated, classic, comfortable, and visually appealing fashion sense of its people, keeping oneself updated, and compromising for nothing but the very best is not so uncommon when it comes to dressing. That is why, Omeros Clothes, a family owned business of highly skilled and professional tailors, has introduced a new range of high quality custom made clothes, as well as the matching accessories to go along with the clothes.

The new range introduced by the Omero’s Clothes offers numerous choices to their clients including custom made fitted shirts, custom suits, tailored pants, and the matching accessories to go with them. All of these changes have been welcomed by the people, who have already started scheduling their appointments with the Omeros.

Omero’s Clothes believes that there are no restrictions or boundaries when it comes to clothing; and that, it is a right of everyone to dress passionately. That is why, their new range covers the needs of people from all circles.
The custom suits are ideal for the people looking for class; and are also considered as a fashion statement. To go along with their suits, they are also offering custom fitted shirts and custom tailored pants to make a perfect clothing package. Also, since the accessories are almost mandatory for the best suiting, they have announced a new  range of accessories to further complement the dressing. The accessories include: jackets, belts, shoes, ties, cufflinks, suspenders, hats, handkerchiefs, socks, and much more.

Being experienced tailors, they also help their clients by offering helpful advice about the choice of the fabric, the current trends in the fashion, and the right accessories to go along with the suits.
Omero’s Clothes is a family owned business in New York, which was founded by Mr. Walter Piccone in 2004. It is a multi-generational family owned business, which was originated in 1954 in Italy by Mr. Omero. Currently, the business is being handled by a father-and-son team of their successors. Currently, they are providing their services in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

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