05 June, 2014: The old plumbing system serving Central Virginia is a concern to local authorities; it could represent business opportunities for specialist outfits such as HMS Plumbing, a local news source reports.

Concerns about the state of the town’s pipes were raised once again this April, when a mains bursting in a central city street caused disruptions in the water supply for most of the residents of the town of Petersburg. Upon closer inspection, this particular piece of plumbing was revealed to be around 70 years of age, having first been installed in the 1940s.

The Petersburg accident led, in turn, to piping and plumbing systems across other towns in Central Virginia coming under investigation. Results were worrisome, as most of the plumbing in the centre of the state was revealed to be anywhere from 75 to a 100 years old. Petersburg itself possessed some of the oldest water mains in the region, with those serving the quarter known as “Old Towne” approximating a century of age. Richmond was another concerning location, with most of the pipes there being at least three-quarters of a century old.

The situation is given even more severe ramifications by the fact that hundreds of thousands of people rely on these aging water mains, which total almost 1.000 miles. Any disruptions in the water supply, such as the one which took place in Petersburg, are therefore likely to inconvenience large numbers of people.

According to the article published on the website of the local CBS affiliate, WTVR, these accidents are increasingly likely to happen in that area of the United States, due to the life expectancy of water mains generally averaging 50 to 80 years. Most of the plumbing systems across Central Virginia are therefore at the end of their life cycle, and the efforts of the city councils or of companies such as HMS Plumbing — which replace or repair aged pipes on a regular basis – will only do so much to prevent their eventual demise.

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