[Oklahoma City, OK] – May 14, 2012 – In the past, when a company was ready to get rid of records or other paper based documentation, it had no real worries other than making sure it put the trash in the right container and got it to the desired location in time for pick up. That was years ago and things are much different today because there is a whole new breed of criminals that are specialist at gathering personal and corporate information that they can sell on the black market. Today, information is more valuable than ever before and this is why a lot of companies are considering the Oklahoma City shredding services they can use in order to determine the right fit for their needs. Companies now need to look out not only for their corporate information, but also the data they get from their customers because if they make this available, even inadvertently, to thieves then they may end up being held liable. Finding a good solution to this problem is important, say business experts, because it is a growing cause for concern among customers and those companies that are not finding solutions now may suffer from a negative public image in the future.

Greenstar Shredding is the ideal solution for many companies in the Oklahoma City area because it goes further than simply shredding documents. The company picks up the paper companies are ready to dispose of and transports it securely to a location where the information will be destroyed, but the paper itself can be recycled and used again. This presents a powerful benefit because it means that a company can therefore reduce its carbon footprint, something that is of increasing importance in the world today. Consumers care greatly about the amount of waste the companies they patronize are able to avoid producing and by recycling paper documents in this way, many companies are able to spruce up their public image in a way that matters to the modern customer. In Oklahoma, taking this kind of progressive approach to doing business is certainly going to pay off, say regional experts, and can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

For companies wishing to learn more about the services offered by Greenstar Shredding, a visit to http://greenstarshredding.com is certainly in order. If they wish to speak with someone over the phone they can call 1-405-232-8811 Ext 3605 at their convenience.

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