USA — Whether one is a first time user, stuck with a video file in the Ogg format, or a gizmo freak who loves to multiplex his videos and music in this strangely flexible format, the OGG Player might as well be the first, and best choice.

For starters, it is a freeware. That means that it is not only free from any hidden charges or the irritating routine of sign-ups, but is also free from adware and malware that will clog disk space and ruin the experience for the user. This software tool plays files in the OGG format across various platforms and devices that include personal computers, laptops, media players and hand held devices that play music.

The OGG Player is all about function. And the functionality of this software tool is robust and extremely simple. You can play, pause, rewind and forward your Ogg format files with just single clicks sans worry. There are additional features for the initiated and the experienced, in terms of the modifications on the files themselves. For the neophytes and beginners, what makes this freeware a must have is the fact that it allows one to create and populate playlists. All one needs to do is drag and drop the video files that need to be viewed and the audio files that need to be enjoyed on a single playlist on the basis of personal priority and click play. As if that isn’t loaded enough, the player also supports MP3 and ACC formats. This is what makes the player a winner all the way.

About Us

The OGG Player is a freeware from a trusted software company that is robust and simple to use, and is ideal for playing files in OGG format.

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