Essex, UK - O2 money card is becoming increasingly popular among all other prepaid cards. O2 prepaid card helps its users to stay on top of their cash in the easiest possible way using their mobile phones. It is very easy to load money on to the card. This works like any other regular credit card once money is loaded to this O2 credit card. Whenever users make use of the cash in their credit card, they will get a free real time text alert in their mobile phones. This ensures a greater level of security against all forms of misuse. The text alerts will indicate how much money has been loaded, spent, withdrawn as well as the balance amount.

O2 Cash Manager card is one of the best ways of budgeting ones money on expenses including lifestyle, shopping and travel. This card saves users from carrying petty cash in their hand There are many other benefits in using O2 cash manager card. Users will be able to transfer money from any of their bank accounts into their card. This card is one of the most accepted cards and it can be used just about anywhere. Visa cards are accepted.

The free alerts help users keep track of their spending. Moreover, it helps people that find it hard to control their expenses because users will not be able to spend more than what has been loaded on to the card. The O2 cash manager card comes absolutely free for use in the UK. This advanced prepaid credit card can be managed online as well. This gives users access to their accounts from any part of the world.

O2 Cash Manager cards have huge annual limits. Users will have an annual limit of up to £10,000 per year. This can also be used as another way to top up Pay & Go Mobile. As O2 is a well known brand, customers that are looking for reliable prepaid credit cards that are easy for use prefer O2 credit cards. This is an absolutely hassle free prepaid credit card.

Users will be able to load their cards up to £1,800, by adding cash from over 20,000 locations across the UK including O2 shops, PayPoint and e-pay. This card can also be topped using a debit card online. With all these benefits, no wonder customers find O2 prepaid cards as one of their most preferred credit cards. However, O2 prepaid cards are exclusive for O2 customers. For more information and for applying for this prepaid credit card, visit