Vancouver fashion designer Heather Willaims is getting ready for the Cool VS Cruel on September 17, 2009
Vancouver fashion designer and head of NUYA Designs, Heather Williams finished pattern drafting and the muslin for the Humane Society's Cool VS Cruel competition. Sewing of the garment starts this week!!!
“While consumer spending decisions ultimately support or reject the cruel fur trade, the fashion industry—designers, retailers, fashion editors and writers, celebrities and others—all have the power to influence what consumers buy. The Fur-Free Campaign works with both consumers and fashion insiders to encourage decisions that reject the cruelty of fur and celebrate the many warm and fashionable alternatives instead.” Humane Society of America
The Cool Vs Cruel competition helps people recognize this issue by involving designers at Art Institutes from all over North America. The winner from each school gets their design at New York Fashion Week, and a chance for an internship in the fashion capital…NEW YORK!!!
Heather Williams and Nuya Designs is thrilled to be a part of this great cause. If you live in Vancouver, then come check it out! 7pm, Thursday September 17 at the Art Institute of Vancouver (Renfrew Campus)