People who are on the look out for the best football in Spain buy Real Madrid tickets because they know this is one of the best clubs they can find. This is the current champion of La Liga and it is the home of some of the best players in the world, among which we can name Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso as well as Iker Casillias and a few others.


Real Madrid tickets have been selling from 1902 when the club was founded, but they changed their location to Santiago Bernabeu in 1947. This is the stadium that can hold more than 85000 people at a single game and you can be sure that the stands are full when an important match is on, since there are a lot of fans that support the team.


The history of the club is full of accomplishments, but the first word in its name means ‘royal’ and this was bestowed to the club along with the crown it has in its emblem by King Alfonso XIII back in 1920. If you look at the club now you will see the richest football club in the world with revenue of over $500 million just for the year of 2012.


Given the large winnings and the investments made in the players and in the team, the fans who buy Real Madrid tickets are sure that they will enjoy every minute of the games they watch. The achievements of the club are a lot more notable than others, with over 60 trophies won in their own country and 15 international trophies as well.


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