(Free Press Release) Having video chat on a mobile device was the stuff of science fiction movies or books just a few years back. How things have changed. This week Apple and Skype have made it possible for users to take advantage of video chat by using their iPhone or iPod touch which is so cool. So it is no longer just possible to talk to family and friends no matter where we are, but we can now actually see them as well. We really have come a long way with a lot of our futuristic ideas becoming reality.

Kent, UK - January 07, 2010 -- There really is a lot of potential for video chat on the iPhone. We can also get a glimpse of where our family or friends actually are as well as being able to see them. But obviously not everyone is going to be happy about the idea that others can see where they are because it means they won't be able to lie about where they are. On the plus side it will mean that we can share our best holiday moments with those people who are stuck in work. But one of the best things about video chat is the fact that you can get to see the faces of your loved ones if you are far from home and are feeling lonely.

You can now download video chat from Skype to your iPod Touch or iPhone. If you do this as soon as you can then you are going to be part of all the fun. We are constantly seeing improvements to technology because every time we think that they can't improve on what we already have, they bring out something such as mobile video chat. What can we expect next? Something such as 3D video chats could be next and these could help us to feel as though we are in the same room as the person we are speaking to.

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