Dubai, U.A.E; 21, April 2015: The Middle East’s online shopping is predicted to grow exponentially over the next four to six years, as more consumers get comfortable with transacting online. All big players such as logistics giants and banks are teaming up to make the online buying process easier and trustable for the end consumer. 

According to a new research by MasterCard, UAE is leading the e-commerce revolution in the Middle East region with over fifty percent people shopping for goods and services online.

However, things are not all hunky dory. The idea of starting up an ecommerce venture especially in the UAE is still pretty daunting. 

“There are still a number of obstacles entrepreneurs’ face when it comes to e-commerce in the region, so it will evolve more slowly compared to the West,” said Mark Pilkington, CEO of Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group that operates brands such as Nayomi and Mikajy. 

In line with the vision of Dubai Chamber to boost UAE’s e-commerce market, IBG Consulting has launched an initiative to guide entrepreneurs on e-businesses setups in the UAE. IBG Consulting has joined forces with their digital wing, IBG Digital, where they provide complete step by step guidance to entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart or improve ecommerce businesses. 

According to Umer Noor, the Director of Business Development at IBG ME, “Most ecommerce ventures fail because they are not properly planned. They assume that setting up the website is the only thing they need to get right. While you can’t downplay the importance of the right website, people overlook a lot of other aspects that are critically important to success of an ecommerce venture, such as the legal structure of the company, liability sharing, insurances, trademark licensing, figuring out the logistics, payment gateways, post-sale servicing etc.,” 

The other issues entrepreneurs run into are that they plan their ecommerce startup based on their knowledge and assumption of US and European market. This is where understanding the UAE market is very critical. 

This is where entrepreneurs need to join hands with experts. This is where IBG Consulting comes in. IBG Consulting ensures comprehensive end to end guidance to make sure clients avoid all the potential pitfalls that they may face in an ecommerce business venture. 

IBG Consulting also shares insights on client’s ecommerce platform and their marketing approach. IBG consulting has over the years differentiated itself from other UAE business setup advisors by providing not only the legal business setup advisory, but also giving clients overall business guidance to help them integrate and succeed in the local market. 

Mr. Salman Kureishi, Co-founder at, electronics and consumer good online marketplace, said “Setting up an eCommerce company is no piece of cake in Dubai. There are intricacies with setting up the business under the right license, developing the ecommerce website, shaping the unique selling proposition and doing effective marketing. IBG Consulting and IBG Digital have been instrumental in handling the end-to-end process for us.” 

IBG consulting has been established in Dubai since 2013, with an international group of consultants with years of local and global expertise, our staff comes from diverse countries such as Switzerland, Brazil, USA, China, India or Pakistan. IBG is specialized in forming new companies onshore and offshore, structuring complex international business structures, corporate and secretarial services, family businesses, franchising, management consulting and bank account opening for demanding clients. 

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