Dallas, TX — Fitness Productions, announces the release of 3 of Kimberly’s  titles in ebook format for the very first time. An additional seven titles will be released in e-book format over the next several months. Kimberly also has 3 books scheduled for publication May 30, 2013 from Hunter House Publishing Inc.

Kimberly Wechsler is a popular and recognizable Family Fitness Specialist, Nutritionist and Health Coach.

Kimberly’s other books are as follows:

101 Cool Pool Games, Hunter House Publishing 2007
Why Should I Drink More Water? Fitness Productions, 2013

Smoothies! Become a Smoothie Alchemist. Fitness Productions, 2013

Family Games. The Best in Family Game Night. Fitness Productions 2013

303 Preschooler—Approved Active Games and Exercises, 2013

303 Kid-Approved Active Games and Exercises, 2013

303 ‘Tween-Approved Active Games and Exercises 2013

For more information on Kimberly Wechslers books go to  www.amazon.com

She is a 22 year fitness industry leader specializing in fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. She is the published author of 7 fitness books, one which has been translated in Spanish. (Hunter House Publishing, Inc.,) Kimberly is also a nutritionist, CHHC, and AADP, and recipe developer for Cooking Lessons from Home.com a Meal Planning Service which designs weekly healthy menu’s for families and then adds a Weekly Family Fitness Challenge along with the weekly meal plans. ” The culture of a healthy lifestyle must begin at home, I believe in taking a “family approach” to health and wellness.”

In 2008, she founded Fitness Productions LLC; Fitness Productions has three separate divisions, one of fitness and well-being, for families  www.FitAmericanFamilies.com  . “We create innovative products that redefine how people integrate fitness into everyday life and hope to inspire you to live a healthy and fit life.”The second division is Replay4Kids, a 501 c (3) non-profit organization, “Our mission is to promote physical activity by collecting new and gently used sport equipment and donating these gifts throughout our communities to other non-profit organizations that support the health and well-being of our children.” The third division is Cooking Lessons from Home, a weekly meal planning service.

- Kimberly has served on the Governors Committee for Youth Fitness
- Opened four “award winning” fitness camps
- Host of television show, Healthy Lifestyles
- Nine Health and Fitness certifications
- CHHC, certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City
- AADP, Board Certified of American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Kimberly Wechsler
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