Kiev, Tupoleva — With the winter months just ended, Noviterm, a leading distributor of heat pumps, encourages home and building owners to invest in eco-friendly heat pumps for consistent indoor air temperature.

“We have been hearing people complain about the bad or inconsistent performance of their heating systems especially during the last winter months,” according to Deniss Volgin, spokesperson for Noviterm.

“These complaints are not new to us because this is one of the common drawbacks of conventional heating systems especially if not properly maintained. We also know of people who complain about high electricity bills during the cold season due to their use of the heating system.” In line with the use of conventional heating systems, Noviterm urges people to shift to eco-friendly heat pumps instead.

A heat pump is a device that collects solar energy stored in different sources and converts the energy for use in homes. There are four major types of heat pumps. One of the most basic types is the air-air heat pump which collects solar energy from outdoor air and converts it into hot air. The major drawback of this heat pump is that it does not work when the temperature outdoor is low. It cannot also be used to heat water. Another type of heat pump is the  air-water heat pump  which gets energy from the air and converts it to energy for water-based heating systems. The next type is the ground-water heat pump that collects energy from groundwater or bedrock.

This type of heat pump works just like the air-water heat pump but it can work as well even in low temperatures. Lastly, the exhaust air heat pump gets its energy from a home ventilation system and returns it for use again in the heating system. This type of heat pump is efficient in energy saving but it cannot be used as a main source of heating for the home.

The lifespan of heat pumps varies depending on the type, model, and the brand. But generally under normal use, heat pumps should last for at least 20 years or more. Compared to other heating systems, heat pumps have the advantage of less maintenance because they can consistently work whole year-round even without much attention. They are also classified by EU as a renewable source of energy because the energy they produce is more than the energy they consume to run it.

However, not all four types of heat pumps are ideal in most homes. Nowadays, the two types of eco-friendly heat pumps that are gaining in popularity in many homes are the geothermal heat pumps and the air water heat pumps.

Geothermal heat pumps use solar energy that is stored in bedrocks in heating a building or house. Because the solar energy stored in these bedrocks is unlimited, there is also no limit to the amount of energy you can get from it. With this, you can achieve consistent heating in your home while saving on the cost of fuel or electricity in running your heating system. The normal lifespan of most geothermal heat pumps in the market now is between 20 and 30 years.

Geothermal heat pumps work by drilling a hole in the bedrock the depth of which is normally 100 up to 200 meters depending on the depth of the bedrock. Once the hole is made, a pipe that is connected to the house is then lowered into the hole. This is where the heat from the bedrock will flow to the house. This heat is capable of heating both house and water.

“Although geothermal heat pumps may require you to spend a significant amount of your money for the pump itself and installation fee, it is worth the investment as they can last long. Geothermal heat pumps also offer numerous benefits,” Volgin said.

One of the benefits of having a geothermal heat pump is that it gives you consistent indoor temperature all year-round regardless of the temperature outside. In the summer, you can even use it to cool your home. You can also use it to heat water in your pool. Additionally, you don’t need a big space in your yard to install this.

Another popular eco-friendly heat pump is the air-water heat pumps which are most popularly called air heat pumps. Unlike geothermal heat pumps where you need to drill a hole to get heat, water heat pumps get heat from the atmosphere. It is also effective in heating a house as well as in heating water. The same with geothermal heat pumps, air heat pumps can also help reduce your heating cost. “Air water pumps can lower your heating cost by around 75 percent,” said Volgin. Additionally, air heat pumps defrost themselves, making it more convenient for users because there is no need to constantly monitor the heat pump. Aside from heating your home, air heat pumps can also efficiently provide cooling inside your home especially during summer as well as provide heating for your pool.

Using heat pumps as an alternative to the traditional heating system offers numerous benefits to users. And many homeowners are already considering this option. “By using eco-friendly heat pumps, you can lower your energy cost and enjoy consistent indoor temperature without causing any problem to the environment,” Volgin stated. Aside from the fact that eco-friendly heat pumps are better for the environment, their other benefits include reliability because they can consistently work for you even with less maintenance. Another is the comfort as some heat pumps can be controlled remotely.

Noviterm  is selling both geothermal heat pumps and air heat pumps. There are several models that consumers can choose from. They also have large-capacity heat pumps for bigger needs.

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